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Verschijningsdatum: 12/05/2021


Demarcations and Challenges

door Johan Temmerman (ed.)

OPGELET! Dit boek is nog in productie en is verkrijgbaar vanaf 12/05/2021. U kunt wel al intekenen (en dus ook betalen) om uw exemplaar te reserveren. Het boek wordt dan automatisch geleverd zodra het beschikbaar is.

CAUTION! This book is still in production and will be available from 12/05/2021. However, you can already sign up (and therefore pay) to reserve your copy. The book will be delivered automatically after it becomes available.

Religious Radicalism scrutinizes the religious motives and mechanisms of radicalism. The contributors observe a growing lack of understanding of religion in secular policy-bodies, as well as in the academic world in Europea and beyond. They put forward an approach 'from within' and aim to provide policy-makers with workable tools and a user-friendly method for constructively tackling religious radicalism. The underlying issue is the question of the role of the rule of law in relation to human rights in relation to religious minorities. This edited volume brings forward an interdisciplinary approach to religious radicalism blending religious studies, theology, and cultural criticism.

Above all Religious Radicalism is an invitation for dialogue and a plea for understanding. In the current polarized cultural climate it is delicate to ask for prejudices to be avoided. We can tend to think that the 'other' has to trust us, and that change applies to those who think and feel differently than we do. Increasing illiteracy is both a cause and effect of religious radicalism. Those who do not feel understood and recognized and whose identity is systematically discredited turn against the institutional powers that leave the offence untouched. In short, radicalism is threatening. But for those who are completely alien to customs and backgrounds, symbols and behavior, the unprecedented and unfamiliar are just as much of a threat. This form of radicalism, which is rapidly rising on wings of ignorance, also calls for self-criticism

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Prijs € 27,95


Auteur(s): Johan Temmerman (ed.)
ISBN: 9789461170798
Formaat: 17 x 24
Aantal pagina’s: 208
Taal : Engels

Over de auteur(s)

Johan Temmerman is professor Religious Studies and dean of the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies (FPTR) in Brussels. He specializes in the cultural undercurrents of Western culture. He recently published on the relationship between faith and science. He is also the initiator and president of the European Centre for Religious Studies (EUCRES), which conducts an ongoing study on religion, identity and radicalism.

Contributors are Eugene Baron, Jaco Beyer, Ravan Hasanov, Elizabeta Kitanovic, Arjan Knop, Jack McDONALD, Johann Meylahn, Jan M.F. Van Reeht, Leendert-Jan Parlevliet, Jannica De Prenter, and Harry J. Sinnaghel.

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