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Guaranteed Peer Reviewed Content

ASP, which is on the VABB-SHW Publishers List, publishes its scientific publications after a successful peer review.

The GPRC procedure goes as follows:

  1. The author submits a publication proposal to the publisher for which he/she wishes to obtain a GPRC label/peer review.
  2. The publisher provides the author with a questionnaire for additional background on the publication proposal.
  3. The author sends the completed written questionnaire and the manuscript to the publisher.
  4. The publisher transfers the manuscript to (a representative of) the editorial board*.
  5. (A representative of) the editorial board examines the manuscript and declares it either or not admissible for peer review.
  6. The publisher informs the author whether the manuscript has been declared admissible for peer review.
  7. Once the manuscript has been declared admissible, the publisher initiates the double blind peer review process.
    1. The editor of the publisher contacts at least two peer reviewers (on the recommendation of the representative of the editorial board) and sends them an anonymised manuscript, together with an assessment form.
    2. The reviewers deliver their reviews to the editor of the publisher.
    3. The reviewers can make 4 final judgements:
      1. The manuscript is suitable for publication: the manuscript is ready for immediate production.
      2. The manuscript is suitable for publication subject to reworking: after reworking, the manuscript will be ready for production.
      3. The manuscript must be reworked and sent to the reviewer(s) again for review: when adjustments are requested, the author adds an accompanying letter explaining the adjustments made. After the final positive opinion of the reviewer(s), the manuscript can be put into production;
      4. The manuscript is not suitable for publication: the author will be informed of this by the publisher.
    4. If the reviewers disagree about the quality of the manuscript, an additional reviewer will be contacted.
  8. Reviewers are remunerated by the publisher for their services with a financial allowance.
  9. The publisher further handles the formal procedure for obtaining the GPRC label.
  10. The publisher mentions the GPRC label in the colophon of the publication and in all external communications relating to the publication.


Books published with the GPRC-label are subjected to a first reading from an independent, interuniversity editorial board.

Editorial board members:

  • Jan Vanhoof, University of Antwerp
  • Eric Corijn, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • Hans Alma, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  • Ignace Glorieux, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • Jo Tollebeek, KU Leuven
  • Johan Braeckman, Ghent University
  • Petra Van Brabandt, LUCA School of Arts
  • Sophie Withaeckx, Maastricht University
  • Leen d’Haenens, KU Leuven
  • Dirk Lauwers, Ghent University
  • Ilse Scheerlinck, Vrije Universiteit Brussel and Hasselt University

Open access

As an academic publisher, ASP supports the evolution of the global research landscape by providing an open access formula. Publishing your academic-scientific publication in open access increases the visbility and impact of your research results. ASP opts for Open Access Gold: the publication will immediately be accessible online and digitally in PDF and e-pub from the first day of publication, free of charge to the academic community and any interested parties outside of it. In addition, a printed copy can be obtained via the publisher's website (Print on Demand or POD).

For the distribution of its open access publications, ASP cooperates with OAPEN, among others. The open access books are registered in the DOAB or Directory of Open Access Books. ASP publishes the open access releases as standard under a creative commons license. More information about these licenses can be found via this link.

This open access formula is made possible thanks to the financial contribution of the educational or research institution, the research project or the author of the publication offered. An open access publication can be published from €6.000, ex. VAT, a transparent page price will be added as well. This fee includes project coordination, final editing (native speaker), layout (cover and interior) and peer review, distribution, communication and administrative handling. For the pricing of a project, please contact or