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Health Financing in the Developing World by Prof. Dr. Guy Carrin



It is a great honour for University Press Antwerp (UPA) to announce the forthcoming publication of Health Financing in the Developing World, an important collection of peer-reviewed articles by Prof. Dr. Guy Carrin.

€ 115,00

438 pp.
ISBN: 9789054877752






Supporting Countries' Search for Viable Systems


Guy Carrin


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*About the book

A collection of peer-reviewed articles and contributions to books, this overview of the finance of health insurance concentrates on developing countries. The material covers various financing strategies and explains how each can - or cannot - help improve the transition toward universal coverage. The model plans shown here are particularly useful for policy-makers and technical advisers who have to decide upon health financing policies - or are engaged in a debate about them - and the sample forms can be adjusted to the particular economic and political context of the developing countries involved. In addition, there are reminders that this process varies: in some countries, universal coverage may take time and require a step-by-step approach. In other developing countries, a swift transition to universal coverage may be quite feasible.

*About Guy Carrin

Guy Carrin was a professor of health economics at the University of Antwerp, Belgium. Between June 1990 and November 2009, he served as a senior health economist in the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland; he was also coordinator of Health Financing Policy in the WHO’s Department of Health Systems Financing. He published extensively in the areas of macroeconomic modelling, social security and health economics.

He held a M.A. and Ph.D. in economics from the University of  New Hampshire (USA) and the University of Leuven (Belgium), respectively. He was Takemi Fellow in International Health at the Harvard School of Public Health and assistant-professor of public health at Boston University.